6th August 2019

ShopWired New Packages - Launched 16th August 2019

As some of you may have seen, in order to stay competitive within the market and to make sure that we can still offer you the most up to date and cost effective ecommerce platform in the UK we have introduced some new packages.

Don’t worry, if you’re an existing customer you will have the option of staying on your current package at your current price. Alternatively, you can switch to one of new packages if you decide one of them will work better for your business and will be more cost effective. More information about this is at the bottom of the page.

If you would like to stay on your old package then you don’t have to do anything.

The new packages include the following changes from the old packages:

• Unlimited products on the Advanced and Premium packages (with a product allowance increase on the Pro package from 250 to 500)
• A discount on the charge of the eBay app from the standard £25 per month to £15 per month on the Pro package and £5 on the Advanced package
• A free SSL certificate

The new packages also include some restrictions on turnover, meaning there is a maximum amount that your business is permitted to trade online over the course of a 365 day period on each package. 

When your turnover exceeds this limit you will be automatically upgraded to the next package:

Pro - up to £50,000 per year
Advanced - up to £200,000 per year
Premium - up to £500,000 per year

A higher turnover limit is available on our Enterprise packages. 

The turnover limit does not include orders you create through the admin system or orders placed using the offline payment method.

The new packages also restrict certain features from being available on lower packages:

• Access to advanced reports is not available on the Pro package
• Access to use the Zapier app is not available on the Pro package
• Trade accounts cannot be used on the Pro package

Additional support options

Finally, our Premium (and Enterprise packages) now include priority support features with guaranteed support response times.

Our enterprise packages also offer a range of strategic account management and marketing support from enterprise specialist support engineers.

Each of the packages has also increased in pricing:

• The Pro package (from £24.95 to £29.95)
• The Advanced package (from £49.95 to £59.95)
• The Premium package (from £69.95 to £119.95)

Grandfathering & changing packages

All existing ShopWired customers will not be automatically moved to a new package. Instead, you can remain on your current package for as long as you like. 

However, we recognise that some customers may find one of the new packages more beneficial to their business. You are free to change your package at any time through your ShopWired account (simply select 'your account' from the left menu and then 'your package' to make the change). 

At ShopWired, we always want our customers to be on the most appropriate and most cost-effective package. 

We recognise that some customers may have purchased SSL certificates (for either £89 + VAT for one year or £149 + VAT for two years) and may feel bemused that all packages now offer a free SSL certificate. 

Unfortunately we are not able to offer a refund on your SSL certificate purchase or backdate your account package, but we are happy to examine for you whether moving onto one of our new packages (at a discounted rate to take into account your unused paid-for SSL period) would be more cost effective for you. In doing so, we'll select the most appropriate new package for you (taking into account your product count and your online store's turnover) and, if there is one, offer you a discount on the new package price for a period of time until you have used up the remaining amount of the SSL cost. Once this discount has expired, you'll then begin paying the full price of the new package.

Please note, if you choose to take advantage of this it will not be possible to change your package to an old one after you switch.

If you would like our team to look into this for you, simply email accountreview@shopwired.co.uk and a member of our accounts team will contact you with your options. 

You'll be under no obligation to accept the advice or change your package and can, if you wish, decide to stay as you are if the suggestion doesn't work for you.