25th January 2017

ShopWired Design Policy

Simple customisations

On ShopWired, we've made it easy for you to customise the look of your theme using our style editor and theme settings tools. 

These tools allow you to change things like the colours that your theme uses, activate simple plugins like social media sharing buttons on your products pages, and integrate with third party tools like Disqus or Mailchimp.

All ShopWired theme's come with customisation settings already installed. 

You can read more about these tools on our help guides here.

Advanced customisations

On ShopWired, you have full access to the HTML/CSS/JS files that make up your theme. This means that you can customise how it looks as much as you like. These files are accessed through the page editor tool.

The ShopWired platform is fully documented on our help guides as well, all contained here

We also have a number of tools available that can help you in building your own ShopWired theme easily.

Hiring ShopWired to make changes

If you require assistance in making advanced customisations to your theme (that would require HTML/CSS/JS changes) then we can help you. 

As part of the team at ShopWired, we have highly experienced design and coding teams.

We'll charge for the work involved in making the customisations you require but will provide you with a quote before we start work so that you can decide whether the cost of the changes is within your budget. 

Hiring a freelancer to make changes

Because you have full access to the HTML/CSS/JS files of your theme, you can hire a freelancer or professional web design company to make changes for you. You don't have to use ShopWired. 

You can use a site like Upwork or Freelancer to find someone with the skills you need, and give them access to your ShopWired account using the user accounts app (be sure to only give them access to the parts of your account that they need). 

We've written a blog post about hiring a freelancer which contains more information for you if you're unfamiliar with the process.

What ShopWired can and can't help with

As mentioned above, ShopWired can assist you in making any kind of changes to your theme. We'll simply charge you for the time involved in completing the work for you. 

Unfortunately ShopWired can't assist you in learning HTML/CSS/JS code. 

If you make changes to your theme or hire a third party to make changes and run into trouble, we can assist you in fixing any problems but will have to charge for the time involved. 

If you, or a third party, have made changes to your theme and subsequently discover a bug on the theme, we are happy to assist you in fixing the problem but if it has arisen because of customisations that haven't been made by us then we'll need to charge you for the time involved in making the fix. 

Common customisations

Our support team has also put together a range of help guides about other commonly requested customisations that can be made to your website. 

For each customisation we've written a help guide about what steps you'll need to take in order to make the customisation.

As with extensions, if you want the assistance of ShopWired in making these customisations to your website then we are happy to help but will charge for the work involved. 

If you choose to make the customisation yourself then unfortunately our support team won't be able to provide you with assistance in the customisation process. 

If you only need help with some of the customisation process we will be able to provide you with a quote to complete the work that you're unable to do (based on the normal installation cost less whatever work you have managed to complete yourself).

To find out more information about the customisations we've documented please click here.