1st July 2018

Non standard functionality

ShopWired has a wide range of functionality and tools available that you can use to create your ecommerce website. 

However, there maybe times where you would like functionality on your own website which can't be created with standard ShopWired functionality. 

In these cases, you might decide to use some ShopWired functionality to achieve something different to what the functionality was originally designed to do. 

This will normally be fine, but when doing so you should be aware that there is a risk involved in doing so:

- The functionality might stop working at some point in the future if there is a change, made by ShopWired, to the functionality that you are using 

- The functionality might not work 100% of the time, whilst we'll test it in as many scenarios as possible there might be some scenarios that aren't tested because they can't be foreseen

The likelihood of a problem is low, but it's important to bear in mind the limitations of using functionality outside of its intended purpose.