16th January 2017

Import work

If you've asked the ShopWired support team to carry out some work for you on your online store to import your product, or other data, across from your existing provider (or other data provided by a third party), the following terms and conditions will apply. 

1. A quote will be provided to you based on an assessment by our team on the amount of work involved in carrying out the work for you. 

2. Payment must be made in advance. 

3. If additional data is supplied after the initial quote is provided, we may need to make an additional charge if more work is involved in importing the additional data. Payment for the additional work must be made in advance. 

4. Where it's not possible to give you a quote for the completion of the work, we are happy to complete your work and charge our hourly rate (£65 + VAT). A deposit will be required before we commence work and the balance due within 7 days of completion. A time estimate and likely cost will be provided to you before we begin but this may be exceeded. If the time estimate is likely to be exceeded we will inform you in advance.

5. Once the product import has been finalised it will be uploaded to your ShopWired account by a member of our team for your inspection. Whilst the support team will inspect the uploaded data to ensure accuracy it's also important that you inspect the uploaded data and highlight any mistakes that you see.

6. We'll begin your import work as soon as you confirm payment has been made. As such, all payments are non-refundable. 

7. You are solely responsible for ensuring that the data you provide is complete. We cannot be held responsible or liable if the data you provide (upon which we provide the quotation to you) is inaccurate or incomplete. 

No refunds will be given for any import work that is incomplete or inaccurate as a result of bad data supplied.

8. Whilst every effort will be made to give you an accurate time estimate for completion of the work, the nature of data import work is that it can sometimes take longer to complete than originally estimated. No refunds will be given where work takes longer to complete than originally estimated.