11th April 2017

Extensions Policy

The ShopWired platform has a range of theme extensions, that we've created, that extend the functionality of your website. Each extension comes with its own detailed instructions about how to install the extension on your theme's files. 

Each extension has an installation charge which is the fee ShopWired will charge you if you would like us to install the extension for you. 

However, you can make the changes to your theme's files yourself using the instructions that we provide. If you choose to install the extension yourself then you'll need at least some knowledge of HTML/CSS coding, the level of knowledge you'll need depends on the extension that you're installing (some extensions are more difficult than others). 

If you choose to install the extension yourself then unfortunately our support team won't be able to provide you with assistance in the installation process, without charging you. 

If you only need help with some of the installation process we will be able to provide you with a quote to complete the work that you're unable to do (based on the normal installation cost less whatever work you have managed to complete yourself).

If you introduce a bug into your theme as a result of changes you have made to the theme files and need our assistance in fixing the problem, we will be happy to assist you but will need to charge you for the time involved.

To find out more information about extensions and to view the extensions available please click here.

Hiring a freelancer to install the extension

Because you have full access to the HTML/CSS/JS files of your theme, you can hire a freelancer or professional web design company to install the extension for you. You don't have to use ShopWired. 

You can use a site like Upwork or Freelancer to find someone with the skills you need, and give them access to your ShopWired account using the user accounts app (be sure to only give them access to the parts of your account that they need). 

We've written a blog post about hiring a freelancer which contains more information for you if you're unfamiliar with the process.