10th January 2017

Bespoke Designs

If you order one of our bespoke design packages please read the policy below carefully to see how we will handle the design and handover process. 

The bespoke design process

This starts when we send a design questionnaire across to you asking you lots of different things about how you want the website to look. 

We'll ask you questions about who your competitors are, what you like and don't like about their websites, and about what other websites you particularly like and why. 

From the information provided to us, we'll produce a design for the home page of the website and send to you for approval. You'll then be able to provide us with feedback on the design we have produced and request changes until you are happy with it. 

Once the home page is complete, we'll then design and send each of the remaining pages to you in turn. You'll have the opportunity to request changes on these designs too until you are happy with them. 

Once the designs are agreed we'll move to the coding process where the designs we have produced are turned into a ShopWired 'theme'. 

It's important that you carefully study the designs that we produce and send across to you and any changes are requested before we commence coding.

Once the coding of the site has been completed, we are happy to make small amendments to the design but if you require large changes we will need to charge extra for the coding time involved. 

For this purpose, you should think of 'small amendments' as being changes that, in total, will only require up to 3 hours of work by our team. If you require clarification on what changes will be included once coding is complete please contact us.

Multiple Designs

We don't provide multiple designs for the home (or any other pages) for you to choose from. Instead, our design team will produce a design for each page based on the information you have provided us with in the design questionnaire. 

If you require multiple designs to choose from then we are happy to do this for you but there maybe an additional charge for this service.

ShopWired Extensions

If you require some of the ShopWired Extensions installed on your theme, please note that unless you choose the 'Advanced Design Package' (which includes the installation of extensions free of charge), you will be charged for the installation of any extension. 

If you have already paid for extensions to be integrated into your current theme, a fee will still be charged to install them in your new theme. 

Uploading of content

If you choose one of our bespoke design packages then, as part of the package, we do not include the uploading of product data or any other content onto your website as part of the package. 

Our bespoke design packages only include the design of how your website will look - just the same as if you were using one of our free templates. 

If you require assistance in uploading content onto your website, our support team will be able to guide you through the process on how to do it, but won't do this for you. If you'd like ShopWired to enter the content onto your website please contact us for a quote.


As part of the design process, our design team will put images into the design they produce (which is sent to you) so that you can picture how the site will look with content in it. 

Where available, we will use images from your existing website. If this isn't possible, we may use other images as 'placeholders'. Please note, we will not always use placeholder images that are copyright free. 

The bespoke design packages that we offer do not include the sourcing, purchasing or manipulation of any images for your website. If you require this service please contact us for a quote.

What you can expect

When you order a design from us a Project Manager will be assigned to the project to guide you through the process. 

The project manager will keep in touch with you regularly throughout the process to let you know what to expect, and when. 

Where a time estimate is given to you on when your project will be completed, we'll make every effort to complete within this time-frame. If we expect not to do so, we will contact you in advance so you can plan accordingly. 

Your project manager will be able to answer any questions that you have. 

Your free trial

If you're ShopWired account is under a free trial period then we will be happy to extend the free trial whilst your bespoke design is being completed. 

Once the design is complete and is handed over to you, we will only be able to extend the free trial for 14 days (from the date of handover) for you to inspect the website and request any changes that you require. 

Once the 14 days are expired, you will need to purchase a paid package from within your ShopWired account.