ShopWired Invoices & VAT

The ShopWired platform is owned and managed by ShopWired Limited, a company registered and operating from the Republic of Ireland.Accordingly, we do not charge VAT to customers from the United Kingdom for the following payments made as part of the use of the platform:- Monthly, annual or biennial (2 yearly)…
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Last Updated: 11th April 2017

Extensions Policy

Our policy regarding assistance with the ShopWired Theme Extensions.

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Last Updated: 1st March 2017

Support Policy

Our policy on how we provide support to our customers using the ShopWired platform.

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Last Updated: 20th February 2017

Platform Customisations

An explanation of the customisations that can and can't be performed on the ShopWired platform.

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Last Updated: 25th January 2017

ShopWired Design Policy

Our policy on the assistance ShopWired can provide on making customisations to your theme.

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Last Updated: 16th January 2017

Import work

If you've asked the ShopWired support team to carry out some work for you on your online store to import your product, or other data, across from your existing provider (or other data provided by a third party), the following terms and conditions will apply. 1. A quote will be provided…
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Last Updated: 10th January 2017

Bespoke Designs

If you order one of our bespoke design packages please read the policy below carefully to see how we will handle the design and handover process. The bespoke design processThis starts when we send a design questionnaire across to you asking you lots of different things about how you want the…
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