Last Updated: 6th August 2019

ShopWired New Packages - Launched 16th August 2019

As some of you may have seen, in order to stay competitive within the market and to make sure that we can still offer you the most up to date and cost effective ecommerce platform in the UK we have introduced some new packages.Don’t worry, if you’re an existing customer…
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ShopWired Invoices & VAT

As of 1st March 2019, the ShopWired platform is operated by ShopWired International Limited, a company registered and operating from the United Kingdom. As such, VAT is charged on all services provided by ShopWired. All prices are quoted exclusive of VAT with VAT added to the final price. VAT is charged for…
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Last Updated: 1st July 2018

Non standard functionality

ShopWired has a wide range of functionality and tools available that you can use to create your ecommerce website. However, there maybe times where you would like functionality on your own website which can't be created with standard ShopWired functionality. In these cases, you might decide to use some ShopWired functionality to…
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Last Updated: 30th April 2018


On 25th May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will become law in the United Kingdom and all other member states of the European Union. GDPR is wide ranging and will be applicable to all businesses. As well as your online activities it will also affect your responsibilities when processing…
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Last Updated: 11th April 2017

Extensions Policy

Our policy regarding assistance with the ShopWired Theme Extensions.

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Last Updated: 1st March 2017

Support Policy

Our policy on how we provide support to our customers using the ShopWired platform.

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Last Updated: 20th February 2017

Platform Customisations

An explanation of the customisations that can and can't be performed on the ShopWired platform.

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Last Updated: 25th January 2017

ShopWired Design Policy

Our policy on the assistance ShopWired can provide on making customisations to your theme.

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Last Updated: 10th January 2017

Bespoke Designs

If you order one of our bespoke design packages please read the policy below carefully to see how we will handle the design and handover process. The bespoke design processThis starts when we send a design questionnaire across to you asking you lots of different things about how you want the…
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